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I Heard a Joke

A woman walks into a bar and the bartender asks what she’d like to drink.  She says “I’ll have a double entendre.”  So, he gives it to her. It’s good, right?  I never hear people tell jokes anymore, and I … Continue reading

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Disturbing Strokes

A perfect illustration of how music can change everything in television and film: Disturbing Strokes This reminds me of Chris Rule’s Mary Poppins trailer.  It’s different in that he’s made a completely new trailer, but the music is what closes … Continue reading

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Why Can't I See the Wind? Is It Made of Ghosts?

David Rees, who created the amazing “Get Your War On” cartoons, wants you to send eco-stumper questions to him at his blog so he can forward them to Steven Chu, the Secretary of Energy. Rees is inspired by the exchange … Continue reading

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Auto-Tune the News

I’m going to install this chip in my brain and make my entire existence sound like this: Here’s another one: Auto-Tune the News -  Pirates, Drugs, Gay Marriage (hat tip: Boing Boing)

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Finally, Someone Explains Second Base to Me

I have to admit, I never understood how the whole base system of sexual accomplishment worked, except I’m pretty sure I know what home base was.  I’ve learned so much from xkcd, and now this: From

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We Miss Cheney.

Hart Seely at Slate gives a preview of the man’s memoirs: “We want to see the minutes of your energy-policy meetings,” she barked, her snotty, liberal leftist nose high in the air. “We want to know the lobbyists you’ve met … Continue reading

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Mr. Yow Keeps in Fighting Trim [UPDATED]

(Thanks, Chooch, for the edit and music!) Damn, he makes it look so easy.

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I Can Haz Sinusoidal Dephlineration?

I am so getting one of these for my studio:

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The End of an Error

In honor of our first Hawaiian-American president, this is from November and you’ve probably seen it, but I just love it so, so much.    God bless you,

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What Can We Argue About Now?

Get Your War On knows.

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Boarding an Attic with Edgar Allan Poe

From the Guardian. So great.

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