Mark Linkous, 1962-2010

I was crushed to hear that Mark Linkous took his own life Saturday.  I had the great honor of playing with Sparklehorse on a 1999 European tour.  Mark was always kind and gracious and that tour will always be a highlight of my career.   His songs have a aching emotional intensity that still leave me gasping, the kind of songs that make you feel you’d been confided in, that someone has left themselves nakedly vulnerable to make you understand what they are trying to say.  I love the way he sang, tuneful but free of unnecessary ornamentation. Our world is sadder and less beautiful without him.

Sad & Beautiful World
Someday I Will Treat You Good

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  1. David, you are lucky to have performed with him! I was lucky enough to have seen him play at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne in 1998. He was an inapiration to many and his death has effected many many people.

    If only he could have taken his own advice about loneliness and isolation:
    “Don’t let it in when it comes kicking at your door.”

    I wrote an obituary for him over at my blog too:

  2. Béla Braun says:

    Hi. I’m a mexican journalist and writer, but first of all, I’m a big Sparklehorse’s fan. I feel realy sad about Mark’s death. To honnor him I’m writing an article about Mark Linkous and Sparklehorse, and I wonder if you could help me with it. Is it posible to make you an interview about Linkous? I hope you can help me.


  3. hey dave. i’m with you here. i just wrote more inadequate words, myself. not having a blog i put it on facebook.:

    not sure i can say more.

    i was at that corner hotel in melbourne!

  4. jasonrubero says:

    Heavy stuff… I learned about this tragedy on Sunday but it’s taken me this long to process it. I still find myself scouring news articles, looking for reasons, asking the cosmic question ‘WHY?’ Mark’s music was intensely beautiful, but in a creepy way that always seemed to leave the door ajar to another reality.

    He’ll always be one of my favorite artists – a true inspiration – and yet I’m feeling very sorry for the pain he has surely sewn into the loved ones that remain. I wish he could’ve found the strength to continue, to rail against his problems with the intensity of a life well-lived.

    I miss him and was really looking forward to his future projects. Now all I’m left with is the acute understanding that the recordings he left behind are more haunting, sad, and beautiful than ever…


  5. Tom vd Bout says:

    Sadder and less beautiful. Wish it weren’t so.

  6. Zachary says:

    This hits all of us pretty hard. He was one of the most sincere song writers I have ever come across, and will be missed greatly. I love you Mark.

  7. lorrie says:

    Sir, you actually turned me on to Sparklehorse due to yr involvement. I remember thinking, “David is involved? really? thought they were too dream pop, but hmm, maybe I should give this act some concentrated attention..”, and he/ they instantly became one of my absolute favorites of all time, so I can never thank you enough for that. Finally caught Linkous on the ‘Dreamt For Light Years” tour, will always regret not catching that CMJ ’99 gig… and from here on in, i will sadly miss ‘my’ Sparklehorse forever. my condolences on the huge loss of your friend.

  8. Sad news indeed, caught that ’99 tour in Belfast…RIP Mark…

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