Peg Simone and Wrekmeister Harmonies at Issue Project Room Tonight

If you’re in NYC tonight, you should swing by the Issue Project Room to see Peg Simone and Wrekmeister Harmonies.   Here’s some additional information, laboriously cut-and-pasted from the venue’s web site:

Peg Simone, out of NYC, employs the slide to bone-chilling effect, fracturing raucous rock choruses and sepia-toned ballads into ghost images with its off-tuned eeriness & pure blues tones stuttering across hectic post-punk rhythms. Her upcoming release “Secrets From The Storm” is due in February/March 2010 & will be released on Table of the Elements. Peg is also a guitarist in Jonathan Kane’s February and collaborated with Kane on the upcoming album for their own 22 minute version of When The Levee Breaks titled “1927/Levee” with intro narrative written by Holly Anderson.

Chicago-based sound artist J.R. Robinson has been creating live, ambient tonefields in museums around the US and Europe over the past two years-including the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the Pompidou Center in Paris, and The Art Center Berlin.

Robinson has injected these recordings into collaborations with some like-minded heavy hitters from the noise, post-rock and jazz worlds such as David Yow (Jesus Lizard/Scratch Acid), Mark Shippy & Pat Samson (US Maple), Azita Youssefi, John Herndon & Jeff Parker (Tortoise), Keefe Jackson, Fred Lonberg-Holm and Ken Vandermark. The result (dubbed Wrekmeister Harmonies), is a distinctive hybrid of sound art and avant-garde musics, evoking the essences & influences of masterworks like Joe McPhee’s Nation Time, Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music and the sound collages of Stockhausen

Peg Simone and Wrekmeister Harmonies at Issue Project Room Tonight

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