Give Us All Your Money! Yes, All of It!

Some people have asked if the New Year’s Eve show in Chicago was definitely the last show by the Jesus Lizard.  The honest answer is, I don’t know.  We don’t have any plans to play any more shows right now, but who knows what might happen.  I’m a never-say-never guy to core of my being.  If somebody asked us to take a big bag of money to play shows in Japan and Australia, we’d probably grab that bag with both hands.  Hell, I’d probably go to those places for free.

People have also asked about how to get their hands on the shirts and posters that were on sale at the 2009 shows.  The t-shirts are easy: use the power of the World Wide Web to go to the Kung Fu Store and purchase the three attractive designs shown above.

The posters are a little trickier.  A few of them are on sale at the Secret Serpent Store.  If you can’t find the poster you want there, search for the artist’s web site.  I tried to note the artist where I had the names, but I probably let some slip through the cracks.  Sometimes the artist name is in the text of the post, and sometimes you can see it by mousing over the image.  If there’s a poster you want in a blog post that doesn’t have the artist’s name, post a comment or shoot me an email and I’ll try to track it down.  Finally, we’ll also have an online store of our own up in a few weeks that will have some posters.

Merchandise links:
Secret Serpent Store
Kung Fu Store

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6 Responses to Give Us All Your Money! Yes, All of It!

  1. juanito says:

    just bought the money shirt…

  2. Matt says:

    I’ll offer you several cartons of beer and a bed to sleep in if you play in South Australia

  3. Tim says:

    Where are the fucking onesies?

  4. Darren says:

    seriously…. how big a bag of money are we talking for Australian shows? maybe Matt from South Australia & myself can get a collection going and collection & make it happen. name your price, Mr. Sims.

  5. sixtiek says:

    Already bought the Rock shirt at last year’s Amsterdam show, just ordered the other two. Come back here and sell me some more shirts. Pretty please.

  6. sixtiek says:

    BTW you do realize Gene Simmons owns the copyright to the moneybag logo, right? Shouldn’t be a problem between bass players, but just so you know… you may be forced to go out on tour again to be able to settle…

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