Let's Go! Hakodate!

Um… what?

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  1. Kristin S. says:

    Hi David. I let my friend explain, because she is funny, and Japanese:

    “that’s (silly) advertisement of city sightseeing. encouragement of industry. Hakodate is one of the biggest city in northern Japan. They catch squid and eat, so squid alien from outer space angry about it. they attack the city. There is a tall tower, called, something tower. i forgot. the tower guy punched the Squid guy. There is a giant clay figure … See Moredoll from ancient in the city, I didn’t know. the clay guy is always mystery. that’s the introduction of the city! before strange guys come over the city, you gotta hurry to visit.”

    Thanks for the show in Pontiac. You already know this, but you guys didn’t change a bit since the early 1990s. I totally forgot how loud you were and my ears rang in multiple keys for almost a week.

    With love,


  2. Bill Haines says:

    WTF?? Remember a movie called “Holy Mountain”? Check that one out sometime. Weirdorama!!

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