No. 940: Chicago, IL

November 28, 2009

Chicago, IL


the Jesus Lizard

Poster by Diana Sudyka

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10 Responses to No. 940: Chicago, IL

  1. h2o says:

    Can we create some sort of special medal for Yow’s performance this night? What a fucking champ.

  2. Parker says:

    Thanks for the hospitality. Another classic show. Such a great vibe in the room.

  3. swoof says:

    Fantastic show. I hadn’t seen The Jesus Lizard since a show at Knickerbocker’s in Lincoln, NE, back in the mid 90′s. The band sounds better than ever.

  4. h2o says:

    Great pix of y’all at the Upstage in Pittsburgh back when you were babies:

  5. Leanna says:

    Wow-awesome show. Jammed my finger somehow (still hurts). Still partially deaf (standing next to a speaker will do that). Did Yow make it through Saturday with as much energy? I thought you were dragging him offstage to die Friday night. McNeilly is a wild man. Good work, boys.

  6. Steve says:

    Thanks to h20 for these awesome photos!

    I was surprised to see Mr. Sims on the microphone and was wondering
    about the circumstances surrounding the vocal duties he appears to be engaged in.
    Is it possible that it was a shared vocal exchange from “Just Got Paid” previously covered by Rapeman?
    Just curious, b/c I always wondered who sang with Albini on that recording, either Dave or Rey I would assume. Now with these old pics come new questions.

    Also wanted to say that The Jesus Lizard were fantastic the three times I’ve seen them on this tour. I hope Yow is feeling better and wish you guys all the best. Regardless if we get a new record out of this reunion or not, you guys really made the fans proud. You came back with power and dignity, thank you.

  7. pickleman ticklefish says:

    fine show Sat night @ Metro. thanks for not cancelling. time for a vacation?

    nice pics Parker… oh what fun!

  8. David Wm. Sims says:

    Steve: I sang backing vocals on “Blockbuster” the first tour or two. After a while, it didn’t seem worth the effort to set up and soundcheck a second mic for just one song, so we let it go.

    Ed Roeser of Urge Overkill sang the other vocals on “Just Got Paid.”

  9. juanito says:

    sick info about rapeman…awesome.

  10. great pictures of you guys back in the day (h20′s link). hope David is doing ok now.

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