No. 929: Toronto, ON

Photo by David Yow

November 12, 2009

Toronto, ON

Phoenix Concert Theatre

the Jesus Lizard

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6 Responses to No. 929: Toronto, ON

  1. Benjamin Kunkle says:

    It’s almost like you were never here.

  2. Jables says:

    EASILY the best show I have been to in years….if not ever. Been a HUGE fan of the Lizard for years now, unfortunately I got into you guys after you broke up. Expectations were insanely high for this show and it left my jaw on the floor the entire show. The setlist was a mental greatest hits of mine. I could hardly even work the next day due to my Jesus Lizard high. Unreal. For the love of God come back.

  3. Bobby says:

    I missed them in 1993 when a snowstorm cancelled their Opera House gig.

    This concert was probably better than what I would have seen 16 years ago!

    Best $20 I ever spent.

    He made a joke about “Hello Windsor” Last time I saw Yow was in Windsor – 20 years ago when the Didjits played at the University of Windsor pub. Yow somehow got naked up on stage (though he was not performing!) and duck-walked in front of the drum kit, keeping the sausage tucked in. He, the Didjits and some go-go girls from Detroit (who didn’t have busfare back – we took a collection) ended up at a party at my place that eve.

    Shit those were the days!

  4. Tyler says:

    Thank you for coming and introducing my wife and unborn child to the best band I can think of. I saw you 10 years ago at The Embassy Hotel in London Ontario and Yow said you were the best band we’d ever see. Too many shows to count later and he was right. I think you smacked a joker in the head that night and Yow surfed back during Seasick to get a shot of something…Anyway, the show at the Phoenix was a nice gift. Now, if only I could play like you and Duane…
    Have a great NYE show, I wish we could be there.

  5. p.j. says:

    Re: missed them in 1993… (at) Opera House…
    I’m QUITE certain I DID see them at the Opera House in the fall or early winter of 1993– one of the best, most raucous shows I’ve ever seen, although in this instance I skipped the pit, opting instead for an amazing vantage point from the balcony (it was licensed, I’d recently turned 19, so…) Memorable moment: early on, in the first few songs, David Yow grabs a cap off some guy’s head, then loses it in the crowd, whereupon he stops singing, starts inquiring of the assembled– “Where’s the hat? Give it back… pass it back up” etc. Receiving no response, he promptly cannonballs into the middle of the pit and disappears for what seemed like a good minute or so. The band, by the way, doesn’t miss a beat– totally unflappable. Finally, Yow re-emerges, severely dishevelled, possibly a bit bloodied… and he’s got the guy’s cap back! He makes his way back on stage, returns the cap, and they proceed to blow the roof off the dump, full on. Totally awesome; Yow’s reputation fully deserved– although we WERE spared the sight of his testicles that night.
    Anyway, could this have been a re-scheduled gig? i don’t remember it snowing that night; I DO remember one of my best ever rock n roll shows– I’m going to keep googling it though– I suppose I could be off on the exact time frame, but I’m almost certain I’m not.

  6. p.j. says:

    Just a quick follow-up: yup, I WAS wrong on the time frame– everything I wrote happened essentially as described, but it was October of 1994! Damn, maybe I was more loaded than I thought. Anyway, I was starting to think that maybe I imagined the whole thing, so on the whole, I’m relieved.

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