No. 927: Atlanta, GA

Poster by Richie Goodtimes

November 6, 2009

Atlanta, GA

Variety Playhouse

the Jesus Lizard
All the Saints

Poster by Richie Goodtimes

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5 Responses to No. 927: Atlanta, GA

  1. two-headed snakes? check. skeletons in top hats? check. pig head? saber-toothed tigers? check. band name, date and venue? check. what’s missing here? oh yeah, big knockers! and done.

  2. stroud says:

    Where can I get one of these posters?

  3. roadkill says:

    Great show. Thanks!

  4. po says:

    Wonderful show. You and Mac are one of my all-time favorite rhythm sections. Can’t thank you and the rest of the band enough for the treat of seeing you live again.

  5. Tim says:

    Holy shit. All the Saints are the perfect opening act for you guys. Such a shame that a band that good is so slept on.

    Too bad they didn’t open for all of your shows, like the upcoming one in Detroit.

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