No. 913: Oslo, NO

Oslo Poster

September 17, 2009

Oslo, NO

John Dee Live Club

the Jesus Lizard

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2 Responses to No. 913: Oslo, NO

  1. the concert in oslo was great. thank you! I feel like a child having got a huge slice of his favourite cake. hope to see you in dublin next tuesday.
    ps. tell hatchethead that he’s heavy.

  2. Elaine says:

    David, I pitched an advance to Norway’s national paper: gave ‘em the hard sell på norsk. Sadly:

    Hei Elaine
    Takk for e-post.
    Vi må dessverre takke nei.
    Ha en fin dag!
    Med vennlig hilsen, Tinna Gudmundsdottir

    Avdelingsleder Kultur Rep…ortasje DAGBLADET Mobil: (+47) 90 66 49 88 Sentralbord: (+47) 24 00 10 00 Adresse: P.B 1184 Sentrum. 0107 Oslo

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