No. 911: Berlin, DE

Festsaal Kruezberg 2009-09-15

September 15, 200

Berlin, DE

Festsaal Kreuzberg

the Jesus Lizard
Demon’s Claws

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6 Responses to No. 911: Berlin, DE

  1. Rebel Mel says:

    I get to go to the jesus lizard in november! I’m excited!

  2. Ralle says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Jesus Lizard at Festsaal last night was amazing!
    My neck is hurting!
    Great for seeing the best live band in the World once again.
    Like nothing happened the last 1O years…I bought the “Mouse On Bomb shirt”
    a second time ’cause the first one from the 90′s is molding in some former cellar of mine ;o).
    Best wishes for the rest of your little european tour.


  3. etienne says:


  4. RR says:

    Thanks a lot! Best show since The Jesus Lizard show 11 years ago.

  5. kris says:

    respect Dave!!! the gig was awesome! worth waiting and coming from poland to see you. thanks a lot and have fun during the rest of the tour.

  6. Marcin says:

    Thank you, it was wonderful. And it was so emotional to hear “My own urine” from “Head” LP live, some twelve years after I took decision this is the best song in whole history of rock’n'roll:)

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