The World According to Americans

I laughed, then I cried.
The World According to Americans

(hat tip: Greg Grinnell and Nif)

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3 Responses to The World According to Americans

  1. morgan says:

    Yup. I guess it is some truth in these. That’s how americans are stereotyped here in pussy-land anyway. Dumb as fuck. I try to convince my friends that there MUST be more cool people in the states that there is in our entire country (Norway, close to 5 mill.) but they won’t listen ;)

    best regards,
    M. (one of the pussies)

  2. sixtiek says:

    Saw a similar one in history class sometime during the Reagan administration. It had a proposed Palestinian homeland too, just to the right of santa.

    See you next Monday in my pussy country, mr. Wm.!

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