The Jesus Lizard on Sound Opinions

Sound Opinions

The Jesus Lizard’s interview on the NPR’s Sound Opinions begins airing today.  We did an interview with hosts Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis and recorded three songs in the WBEZ studios.  The podcast will be available on August 24 from the Sound Opinions web site and the iTunes store.

Stations that air Sound Opinions

Sound Opinions podcast download page

Sound Opinions web site

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4 Responses to The Jesus Lizard on Sound Opinions

  1. yuri says:

    bay area peoples, sound opinions is airing on kalw (91.7) this sunday at 2pm.

  2. pickleman ticklefish says:

    I love the portion of the show where the Yow and Denison debate the effectiveness of President Obama’s call to stop Israeli settlements in ending the decades long Middle East Conflict.

    Support Public Radio!

  3. chooch says:

    Most good.

  4. Richieboy says:

    Splendid, especially so since everyone’s voice sounded a whole step higher than in real life.

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