"Sycamore" by David Daniell and Doug McComb Released Today

"Sycamore," by David Daniell and Doug McComb

“Sycamore,” the first album by David Daniell and Doug McComb, is officially released today.   I got an advance copy a couple of weeks ago and have been listening nonstop.  It’s that kind of abstract instrumental music that creeps into you so you hear different things ever time you listen.

The CD and vinyl versions are each limited to 1,000 copies, so don’t dillydally on this, okay?

Buy “Sycamore” here.

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One Response to "Sycamore" by David Daniell and Doug McComb Released Today

  1. Bill Haines says:

    David, I just bought this CD at my favorite local record store, Grimey’s Pre-Loved Music in Nashville, totally sight unseen and based upon your recommendation. It’s great!! Very cool stuff. I’m instantly reminded of Fripp and Eno’s ambient albums “Evening Star” and “No Pussyfooting”, except that this is more musical with more structure/substance to hang onto. As you said, it does seem to grow upon you and one’s ear picks out new things with each listen. I’m knocked out!! Thanks, David!

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