Danny MacAskill in Edinburgh

When I’m in Edinburgh, I just walk around and drink beer, maybe eat some fried candy bars.  This boggles my tiny brain.  I love the stuff he does off the trees.

(hat tip: How the World Works)

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5 Responses to Danny MacAskill in Edinburgh

  1. Number2 says:

    Total mindfuck, right?
    The odds of someone having the athletic ability to do this actually being creative enough to see the lines AND have the huevos to actually do it are staggering.
    Reminded me of Rodney Mullen who used to skate back when I did. We were all geeked about jumping off curbs while he was freeflowing insanity. Got me checking on You Tube and turns out he kept on going. Check it out:

    Keep starin’ at them lights.

  2. Brian says:

    Wow, that’s incredible stuff. And he does it all in jeans, I would have thought shorts would be prefered.

  3. juanito says:

    Haha! I show this to people all the time. I can’t believe he was still working at a bike shop until just recently. He is a true trail blazer.

  4. Morgan says:

    Im filled with great joy just watching this. Truly amazing.

    thanks for posting.


  5. Doug Coombe says:

    Holy shit.

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