No. 905: Nashville, TN

Maus Mit Bombe Tattoo

July 14, 2009

Nashville, TN


the Jesus Lizard
Pine Hill Haints

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7 Responses to No. 905: Nashville, TN

  1. Nashville was great show thanks. Completely worth the drive from texas

  2. Brian says:

    Amazing show! You guys haven’t missed a beat. (I was the ugly bearded guy in front of you.)

  3. John Wurth says:

    You guys still got it…

    I was the guy at the Gold Rush talking to Duane before the show with my wife…

    Glad I made the drive down from Louisville. Best rhythm section in America.

  4. Ryan says:

    Last show I had seen was Nashville, 328 Performance Hall in ’96 I think. This one was probably even better. See you in Atlanta!

  5. giant_turtle says:

    I was also an ugly bearded dude in front of you. David hit me with the Mic to get me to stop spitting, but I maintain he spit first.

    Probably one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

  6. k. says:

    what fun!!! i loved it when duane pointed at you when you came in early on one song. its great to see you guys having such a blast up there and thanks for letting us witness it!

  7. ryan says:

    fanfuckingtastc show!!!I was actually thee only crowd member that pulled off a successful stage dive during thee show (blue note)…I recall there being several video crews set up…any chance we’ll be treated to a live DVD release???

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