Momma Squirrel vs. Dog

Photos of fierce little momma squirrel by Nanny Baka:

Photo by Nanny Baka

Photo by Nanny Baka

Photo by Nanny Baka

Photo by Nanny Baka

(hat tip: Mike Watt)

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4 Responses to Momma Squirrel vs. Dog

  1. iniitu says:

    mothers are scary sometimes !

  2. MCL says:

    What’s the Mike Watt “hat tip” all about?

    Good photos!

  3. David Wm. Sims says:


    Mike Watt emailed me the photos. I try to remember to thank people when they show me stuff that I post. If you see anything good, give me a shout!

  4. Bostick says:

    Dude that is an awesome set, thanks for sharing it. The last one is amazing.

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