Dangerpuss: "Ghost Clock"

Photo by Patrick Boland

Another song from Dangerpuss:

I ran the bass through a Lexicon MPX 500 and played with the tap delays and octave settings.

Click the link to play a song or right-click and select “Save Link As…” to download: Ghost Clock (7.0 MB MP3)

Click here or the Dangerpuss link at the top of the page for the MP3 archive.

(photo: Patrick Boland)

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2 Responses to Dangerpuss: "Ghost Clock"

  1. Randy Towner says:

    Hey Mr. Sims,

    well, well, well, amazing what we finds on the internetsss!!

    Greetings from Randy Towner (yeah, that guy). Haven’t seen ya’ll since at least 1995 or so in Champaign.

    I’m down with the D-Puss; Keep on Rockin! Sounds cool!

    Hey, if you reunion boys make it to Denver, I’ll put ya up. Been living here for the past 9 years now. Left Champaign for work and such…

    Have a fun summer! Show them kids how one rocks!

    My personal set list vote would be for “Whirl”.

    Randy Towner

  2. Chrystian says:

    Thanks a lot to share your works with us on the internet … That’s really interesting !

    In my opinion each song of Dangerpuss is a world itself.

    Your way of playing bass with The Jesus Lizard is one of the main reason why i play bass today ! When i was younger i was thinking : Well, if i play bass in a band, no one will really pay attention to it. But the day i heard Goat for the first time, i realise something: It’s possible to have an original bass sound !

    (Sorry if my english is very horrible, i came from Quebec, Canada and we speak french there…)

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