The Jesus Lizard Album Reissue Track Listings

Touch & Go Records is going to reissue the Pure EP and the albums Head, Goat, Liar, and Down on September 22, 2009.  These records have been remastered and sound noticeably better than the original releases.  All of the albums will include songs from the 7″ singles  and other rarities as bonus tracks.  Here are the track listings:

Pure EP (comes with Head CD or available as a separate vinyl EP):


1. “Blockbuster”
2. “Bloody Mary”
3. “Rabid Pigs”
4. “Starlet”
5. “Happy Bunny Goes Fluff-Fluff Along”
6. “Bloody Mary
(live) *



1. “One Evening”
2. “S.D.B.J.”
3. “My Own Urine”
4. “If You Had Lips”
5. “7 vs. 8”
6. “Pastoral”
7. “Waxeater”
8. “Good Thing”
9. “Tight ‘N Shiny”
10. “Killer McHann”
11. “Chrome” *
12. “Killer McHann (live)” *



1. “Then Comes Dudley”
2. “Mouth Breather”
3. “Nub”
4. “Seasick”
5. “Monkey Trick”
6. “Karpis”
7. “South Mouth”
8. “Lady Shoes”
9. “Rodeo in Joliet”
10. “Sunday You Need Love” *
11. “Pop Song” (Amphetamine Reptile compilation track) *
12. “Seasick (live) *
13. “Lady Shoes (live) *
14. “Monkey Trick(live) *


1. “Boilermaker”
2. “Gladiator”
3. “The Art of Self-Defense”
4. “Slave Ship”
5. “Puss”
6. “Whirl”
7. “Rope”
8. “Perk”
9. “Zachariah”
10. “Dancing Naked Ladies”
11. “Wheelchair Epidemic” *
12. “Dancing Naked Ladies(single version) *
13. “Gladiator (Insipid Record 7″) *
14. “Boilermaker (Insipid Record 7″) *


1. “Fly on the Wall”
2. “Mistletoe”
3. “Countless Backs of Sad Losers”
4. “Queen for a Day”
5. “The Associate”
6. “Destroy Before Reading”
7. “Low Rider”
8. “50¢ ”
9. “American BB”
10. “Horse”
11. “Din”
12. “Elegy”
13. “The Best Parts”
14. “White Hole” *
15. “Glamorous” *
16. “Deaf as a Bat” *
17. “Panic in Cicero” (Clerks soundtrack) *

* bonus track

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11 Responses to The Jesus Lizard Album Reissue Track Listings

  1. Glad to see the Insipid 7″ is getting some love; both tracks came out great. Did your “recording” also include the original mixing? Also nice to see ‘Panic in Cicero’ making it home to T&G. When I listened to the ‘Clerks’ commentary, I seem to recall tJL (and that song) were the only one Smith and Mosier didn’t even mention when the soundtrack songs came on. Did someone lose a bet?

    And I know it’s from the SHOT days (I believe), but where the hell is ‘Murder in Wood Green’?

  2. Andy says:

    word DOWN

  3. maxonemillion says:

    Nice. Are the various live tracks on Pure, Head and Goat from Show, or are they different?

  4. Rob says:

    the greatest collection of work made in a decade. staggering.

  5. Jamie says:

    David – have you heard the remastering or seen the new artwork for the albums ? Thoughts ?

  6. Tom Huff says:

    Hey David,
    Thanks for keeping this blog. I stumbled upon it this morning while searching the web for any info on the rig you used during the Liar sessions.
    Could you fill me in? We are attempting to get a bass tone somewhat similar to yours if at all possible. BTW – my favorite bass tones of all time.

  7. jb says:


    I managed to grab INCH, so (needless to say) I want these as well.
    Any word yet on what they’ll all retail for?
    Not that money is an issue… but, hey, it IS.

    And it certainly is if this is a limited pressing. Any news on that?

  8. Mathew says:

    David -

    This is MASSIVE. I can’t wait to hear these remastered versions – especially ‘Down’, which I rate as the all-time best Jesus Lizard album.

    - Mathew.

  9. notsaved says:

    I STILL don’t get a copy of Bad Guy!

    who must I fuck to get a copy of the Japanese “Shot” anyways??

  10. monkey in orbit says:

    I just found out about this and the new tour! This is fucking awesome!
    I thought id never get to see you guys live, i’m guettin my tickets tomorrow!
    I hope you have these remasters at the show, im definately gona pick up Liar and Down, those are fucking masterpeices.
    See ya in Montréal !!

  11. don’t get me wrong he’s a nice guy, i like him just fine. but he is a mouth breather.

    thank you dw, thank you very much!

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