No. 904: Barcelona, ES

2009 Primavera Festival

May 28, 2009

Barcelona, Spain

Parc del Forum
Primavera Festival
ATP stage

Dr. Kiko
Wooden Shjips
Dead Meadow
the Jesus Lizard
Lightning Bolt
Magik Marker

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4 Responses to No. 904: Barcelona, ES

  1. matteo says:

    no more dates to be announced???
    no italy??
    have a great gig in barcelona!

  2. Lobsterdeth says:

    Jesus Lizard and Lightning Bolt?

    (also My Bloody Valentine and Shellac somewhere there)

    Man, fuck the spaniards too.

  3. tom says:

    thanks for the show!

  4. Dr Kiko says:

    It’s been an honour closing for such amazing bands…. Best weekend of my life? maybe… Thanks to everyone!

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