No. 903: Paris, FR

Ville Sonique Festival

May 27, 2009

Paris, France

Villete Sonique Festival
Parc La Villette

the Jesus Lizard
Sunn O))
Men Without Pants

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5 Responses to No. 903: Paris, FR

  1. singe says:

    Excellent show!
    Come back to Paris soon.

  2. Lobsterdeth says:

    Jesus Lizard AND Sunn O)))?

    Fuck France man, fuck them in their stupid asses.


  3. Ambroise says:

    Thank you for this awesome show !

  4. Frostino says:

    The crowd was shouting “Papaaaaaaa(s) !!!!” while waiting for you! And it was so true! You kicked every single ass in the audience. Best show of my life, for sure.

    I won’t say that you owe this to us but … mooooooooooore !!!

  5. DKPulsor says:

    Loved it… As always.
    Brilliant evening too: Yes ! Jesus Lizard AND Sunn O)))… Nisennenmondai AND Liquid Liquid the day after ! Don’t be narrow minded Lobsterdeth, wherever you are from).

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