I Heard a Joke

Zimne Piwo

A woman walks into a bar and the bartender asks what she’d like to drink.  She says “I’ll have a double entendre.”  So, he gives it to her.

It’s good, right?  I never hear people tell jokes anymore, and I miss it.

(hat tip: Carrie Weston)

(photo: Mark 2400)

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5 Responses to I Heard a Joke

  1. chooch says:

    A snake walks into a bar.

  2. What?!? Yow’s not filling your ear? That I find hard to believe. Have you heard the one about the duck that wants some grapes?

  3. NURKIN says:

    Sadly, the telling of a good joke seems to be a lost art these days.

  4. A guy checks into a hotel and turns on the porn channel on the television. He presses the right buttons, but all he gets is a black screen.

    So he calls down to the front desk.

    He asks the woman at the front desk “Is the adult movie channel disabled?”

    After a pause, she disgustedly says “No, it’s normal. Sicko.”

  5. Bostick says:

    Dry jokes fall into a unique category of humor. I think that most people like them but if someone you thought was an asshole were to tell it you would probably want to punch him in the face.

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