War of the Worlds Art Archive

Continuing the recent Great Britain theme, Dr. Zeus has a great archive of artwork related to “War of the Worlds.”  You wouldn’t know it from the Hollywood adaptations, but the story was originally set in Victorian England and London was the first city to get torched.





I’m pretty sure there’s a perfectly preserved Martian Tripod in the basement of the Imperial War Museum.

Chez Zeus: War of the Worlds

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4 Responses to War of the Worlds Art Archive

  1. Lobsterdeth says:

    Creepy shit, man.

    To this day I’m still glad War of the Worlds is only a movie…


  2. x.- says:

    War of the Worlds is not just a movie.

    It is actually a documentary about the crazy beliefs of Tom Cruise, Juliette Lewis, Jason Lee, John Travolta, Nancy Cartwright and that insane club they all belong to: The Screen Actors’ Guild.

    War of the Worlds is the modern version of The Greatest Story Ever Told. But with robots.

  3. jane doe says:

    WOW!!!! I Love the movie and also the book but it seems all to real I hope not otherwize I better go find some pretty deep well ;D

  4. kinlove says:

    that martian crap better not be real damn that shit is huge

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