London Murder Map – 1888

Was lurking about Piccadilly Circus, the Times Square of Great Britain, and saw the movie “Let the Right One In,” which was jaw-droppingly great.  Then David Yow and I had a couple Stellas at Henry’s and farted ideas about starting a new band.  I’m up for it.  I’ve started bands with that guy before, and they tend to work out.

Speaking of London, The London Times has an interactive map detailing the murders in 1888, the height of Jack the Ripper’s rampage.  The map has links to scans of the original Times stories reporting the murders.

Finding the Mutilated Body in Mitre Square

Jack the Ripper Letter

London Times 1888 Murder Map

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7 Responses to London Murder Map – 1888

  1. Bruno says:

    Great ideas are usually born over a couple of Stella’s!

  2. juan says:

    or Leffe’s!

  3. Tom says:

    good news everyone!

  4. Yep, sounds good to me!

  5. Eean says:

    Sounds Boss!
    You could get… Duane Denison on guitar and say….er..Mac McNeilly on drums?
    I bet that would sound good…

  6. Drugchicken says:

    Have you (or Yow) ever entertained the notion of working with Todd Trainer?

    Oh, and “Let the Right One In” was the best vampire movie I’ve ever seen; hell, genre aside, one of the best I’ve seen in a long time.

  7. Jasmine says:

    Ever thought of mentioning what the letters actually say?

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