Dangerpuss: "Permanent Fatal Errors"

Norm Saunders "Ten Story Detective" (1938)

Another song from Dangerpuss:

Ah, the bombastic rock instrumental.

Click the link to play a song or right-click and select “Save Link As…” to download: Permanent Fatal Errors (7.2 MB MP3)

The guests:

Duane Denison (the Jesus Lizard, Legendary Shack Shakers, Tomahawk)

James Sardone (Brickbat, Jimmy Nations Combo, Clawhammer Quartette)

Mac McNeilly (the Jesus Lizard, 86)

Click here or the Dangerpuss link at the top of the page for the MP3 archive.

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5 Responses to Dangerpuss: "Permanent Fatal Errors"

  1. juan says:

    fucking sick. damn.

  2. chooch says:

    Very nice. The guitar noodle at 0:51 sounded very familiar… See noodle at 1:23 on Down’s Queen For A Day.

  3. Jason says:

    I have a different song with the same name on my drive from the Inamorata sessions. The Young Gods sounding tune…

  4. David Wm. Sims says:

    Jason: Ah, the Inamorata sessions. I’m glad you can find them, because I’m not sure I could here.

    This song was originally called “Lord Godiva,” because I cannibalized a couple riffs from a song by the Jesus Lizard of the same name that never was released on a record, but now there’s at least one live version of that song swirling around the intertubes, so I cannibalized a title, too. It’s all about ripping off yourself.

    Someday we’ll have to finish the now untitled Young Gods homage.

  5. maxonemillion says:

    Damn man, this is hot! I’m loving the viciously arpeggiated parts of the bass line, esp. at 0:42, and the solo starting around 1:40. Great stuff.

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