Record Store Day

Tomorrow is Record Store Day, so go out and show some love for the vinyl jobbers.  Touch & Go is releasing a limited edition pack of nine 7″ singles by the Jesus Lizard.  I tried to take some pictures to show what an amazing package this is, but I’m not a very good photographer.  It’s in a cool plastic liner that folds out so all the singles hang in a grid like a big poster.  I’m not a very good writer, either.  Trust me, it’s amazing, and there’s only 2,000 of them, so you might want to head out the door right now with your sleeping bag and camp out on the sidewalk for yours.

Inch 7" Single Pack

The pack includes:

  • Chrome b/w 7 vs. 8
  • Mouth Breather b/w Sunday You Need Love
  • Puss (our half of the Nirvana split single)
  • Wheelchair Epidemic b/w Dancing Naked Ladies (very different than the album version)
  • Gladiator b/w Seasick (live in London)
  • Glamorous b/w Deaf as a Bat (live in Chicago)(first disk of “Lash” EP)
  • Lady Shoes b/w Killer McHann (live in Boston)(second disk of “Lash” EP)
  • Bloody Mary b/w Monkey Trick (live in London)(third disk of “Lash” EP)
  • (Fly) On (the Wall) b/w White Hole
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13 Responses to Record Store Day

  1. Ewen wilson says:

    got one! its being mounted on my wall in between the poster of a man holding a baby and a fireman rescuing a puppy. Sims aint lying…. its a quality package.

    see you in the London forum.

  2. AaronX says:

    Just picked one up here in Denver from Twist and Shout. So cool, great packaging – even love the rubber band. They were flying off the shelf, not kidding. Thanks. – Aaron

  3. juan says:

    going to poo bah records in pasadena for mine!

  4. Excitable Boy says:

    I tried to purchase the box set, but every store was sold out. Actually, every 7″ I wanted to buy was sold out.

  5. kip says:

    I was able to get my hands on three by hanging out in front of four different stores that opened at 9, 10, 10’30 and 11, respectively. I can’t leave out the Obits, Flaming Lips and Gomez 7″s and Queen EP as well. I had looked forward to this day for literally months and it did not disappoint. Thank you, Jesus Lizard, thank you Touch & Go. I love you both. Portland needs you.

  6. Cool package alright. Managed to get one thankfully. All four in Plugged records in Cork were gone immediately. Have my ticket for the Forum gig in london and can’t wait for it.

  7. Finneaus says:

    Same here Excitable Boy- minneapolis record stores were sold out almost immediately- I got to the “electic fetus” 10 minutes after the store opened, and everything Jesus Lizard was sold out. I ended up dropping $$ at ebay for a copy- never used ebay before, so i hope it works out and i actually get it! (fingers crossed)

  8. kip says:

    Just curious, when did the name change from Pile to Inch? You seem to have a prototype there.

  9. David Wm. Sims says:

    kip: Good eye. This is a prototype. I’m not sure when it was called “Pile,” or when it became “Inch.” Sorry to be so uninformative.

  10. Dan says:

    #0089 !!

  11. Craig says:

    I hung it on my wall but it doesn’t hang flat as the weight of the records bows it concavely…so I flipped the records around flipped the whole thing…alas now it bows convexly…I may have to tape the pockets and the backing plastic together…but then how do I get the records out easily after that? I’ve spent more time think on this than…well…I didn’t think I’d be thinking about that at all… Anyways convex is growing on me…See you in Seattle!

  12. Excitable Boy says:

    Was finally able to get my grubby hands on the set. A kind soul picked one up for me at a record store that still had them in stock (on record store day). Funny seeing Puss as a one-sided single.

    Overall I think Record Store Day is a bust. If music fans can’t purchase what they came looking for, how are they supposed to support the store? All I got one RSD were condescending looks from store employees (looking at you Other Music). RSD exclusive should relate to the stores selling the merch, not the number printed.

  13. kip says:

    Excitable Boy-For the sake of argument, if you could not find what you were looking for hours after record stores opened, then RSD is a runaway success. Don’t take this the wrong way, but if you were one of us standing outside of Everyday Music, Music Millenium, Jackpot Records and Green Noise(I love Portland) waiting for the stores to open you would have gotten exactly what you wanted. April 18th was a very exciting day for those of us who planned ahead and waited with the other hungover hipsters to get our hands on not only the JL set but also incredible releases by the Obits, Bad Religion, the Stooges and other great artists. By the way, I hope everybody appreciates the talent of one Mr. Bob Weston. The remastering on these new records is incredible.

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