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The Endtimes are Upon Us

I just saw a clip of a Fox News host, speaking on a Fox News program, saying something that made me pump my fist and say “Hell fucking yes!”   No doubt about it, this is the End of Days. Shep … Continue reading

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Why Can't I See the Wind? Is It Made of Ghosts?

David Rees, who created the amazing “Get Your War On” cartoons, wants you to send eco-stumper questions to him at his blog so he can forward them to Steven Chu, the Secretary of Energy. Rees is inspired by the exchange … Continue reading

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Auto-Tune the News

I’m going to install this chip in my brain and make my entire existence sound like this: Here’s another one: Auto-Tune the News -  Pirates, Drugs, Gay Marriage (hat tip: Boing Boing)

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Dangerpuss: "Permanent Fatal Errors"

Another song from Dangerpuss: Ah, the bombastic rock instrumental. Click the link to play a song or right-click and select “Save Link As…” to download: Permanent Fatal Errors (7.2 MB MP3) The guests: Duane Denison (the Jesus Lizard, Legendary Shack … Continue reading

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Record Store Day

Tomorrow is Record Store Day, so go out and show some love for the vinyl jobbers.  Touch & Go is releasing a limited edition pack of nine 7″ singles by the Jesus Lizard.  I tried to take some pictures to … Continue reading

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Duane Denison's New Guitar [UPDATED]

(I added a new photo which has the fretboard inlays.) This is the all-aluminum guitar Kevin Burkett at Electrical Guitar Company is building for Duane.  It has a semi-hollow body, which Duane likes for the added resonance, and looks like … Continue reading

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Finally, Someone Explains Second Base to Me

I have to admit, I never understood how the whole base system of sexual accomplishment worked, except I’m pretty sure I know what home base was.  I’ve learned so much from xkcd, and now this: From

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