Erwin Wurm's Fat Cars

One of the best things about living in NYC is not having to own a car, but if I did own one, I want it to be a honkin’ fat one, like these by Erwin Wurm.





(hat tip: Geekologie)

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4 Responses to Erwin Wurm's Fat Cars

  1. Max Larsen says:

    That’s unreal haha well done :)

  2. anthony says:

    those cars look like there diabetic. they are over weight. its so very funny man!
    those cars have to be very mad at you for making them feel so bad. ha ha ha ha!
    lol man. you have to be ashamed of yourself for putting those cars in such pain.
    they were probably very happy drivers until you messed with them!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    c ya

  3. umesh says:

    hi pls send me nice car pic on my web site.ok tanx

  4. Attack says:

    These make me feel better about my Peugeot 308

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