Crunks 2008: The Year in Media Errors and Corrections

Craig Silverman’s blog, Regret the Error, has a nice roundup of 2008 media corrections and errors:

National Post (Canada):

There is no documented evidence to suggest dance poles sold at Condom Shack cannot bear the weight of a user. An unsubstantiated claim appeared in a Post Homes feature on Saturday.

Daily Star (UK):

OUR article last Tuesday headed “It’s Sven Giggle Eriksson” pictured Mr Eriksson in a hotel restaurant with a young lady. We wrongly assumed that the lady was an admirer and suggested that he was fondling her. In fact the lady was Lina, Mr Eriksson’s daughter, with whom he was having a normal fatherly embrace. We apologise to Mr Eriksson and his daughter for the embarrassment and distress caused by the publication of the photographs and incorrect assumptions made about them.

[From the Daily Mail (UK)] In articles published on 23 and 26 May 2008, we gave the impression that Mr Gest had contracted a sexually transmitted infection and alleged that he had Liza Minnelli’s dog killed without her knowledge. This was wrong. David Gest has never had a sexually transmitted infection and did not have Ms Minnelli’s dog killed. We apologise to Mr Gest for any embarrassment caused.

Toronto Sun:

A photo on Pg. 5 in the Friday edition identified fraud victim Richard Rand as the man guilty of 190 counts of fraud. The Sun apologizes to Mr. Rand for any embarrassment this may have caused.

Toronto Sun:

On page 14 yesterday, the Sun mistakenly identified Margherita Gervasi as a stripper. She is a waitress and bartender. The Sun regrets the error.

Ottawa Sun:

David Hoe was misidentified as a former sex worker in a Sept. 19 article in the Sun. The Sun regrets the error.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Bob Fredrick, a clinical social worker and therapist in Atlanta, is not a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. A story in the Sunday Living section had incorrect information, including a misspelling of his name.

Rocky Mountain News:

One of the items on this list has been removed because it mistakenly repeated a report that Barack Obama holds dual United States-Kenyan citizenship.

Read the whole thing here.

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