Dixon E. Coulbourn Photo Archive

Scratch Acid

Check out the archive of photos by Dixon E. Coulbourn from the early days of the Austin punk rock scene.  Dixon put out the fanzine Idle Time, and took thousands of pictures of the Butthole Surfers, Dicks, Big Boys, Offenders, Scratch Acid, and Toxic Shock (David Yow’s pre-Scratch Acid band, in which he played bass), plus acts that came through Texas on tour, like Black Flag, the Psychedelic Furs, the Stranglers, and Minor Threat.  Dixon died in 2005 and the site is administered by friends.  There are some unfortunate broken links, most notably his list of every show he saw from 1977 to 1986, which is undoubtedly an amazing list.

Idle Time photo archive

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5 Responses to Dixon E. Coulbourn Photo Archive

  1. Pinto says:

    Is that Rey Washam on drums in those Scratch Acid photos? It doesn’t look a thing like him. Did you guys have a different drummer at some point? Great blog by the way. I’m eagerly awaiting the upcoming tour. To this day, I’ve never seen a better live band than TJL and I’ve seen hundreds of shows.

  2. Diane Hardin says:

    I love this archive. look! Kristy, Diana & Harry!


  3. Juan Alderete says:

    have you always just played that bass? thats badass!

  4. tim says:

    I had no idea that David was in Toxic Shock. I’ve been listening to the 7″ for years.

    Great site!

  5. Toddy B. Noddy says:

    Boss link.

    I especially like the pictures of me.

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