Boris Artzybasheff


Rob Warmoski, wrangler of the excellent blog RW370, has started an Facebook appreciation society for illustrator Boris Artzybasheff which he calls, cunningly, the Boris Artzybasheff Appreciation Society.  Artzybasheff’s bizarre anthropomorphism is crazy, wonderful stuff.  Click the thumbnails for samples:

American Art Archives and the AFISA-Hollywood Animation Archive also have galleries:

American Art Archives – Boris Artzybasheff gallery

AFISA-Hollywood Animation Archive – Diablerie

AFISA-Hollywood Animation Archive – Machinalia

AFISA-Hollywood Animation Archive – Neurotica

In other news, if you type “Warmoski” into the WordPress editor, the autocorrect feature suggests warmonger, warmish, warmness, and marmoset as alternative spellings, which works, because I’m pretty sure Rob Warmowski is all of those things.  I think I’m on the verge to a great idea here, like that game where you figure out your porn star name, but more Web 2.0ish, which is what the kids like these days.  If you type in “Sims,” autocorrect has no suggestions, perhaps alluding to the gaping chasm where my soul should be.

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2 Responses to Boris Artzybasheff

  1. warmowski says:


    You should see what WordPress autocorrect does with “Artzybasheff”. The screen grows eyes and hands, strains of Shostakovich begin to play and the eyes turn to look…at you. Then you suddenly wake up in a sweat.


  2. rick mason says:

    I have 5 Boris Artzybasheff black and white prints in a foundery. Can you help me learn more about what i have. They came to me from a old man that died. They look old but in real good shape. Thank you Rick

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