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Dangerpuss on "The Watt from Pedro Show"

Mike Watt made my Sunday by playing the Dangerpuss song “These Boots Are Made for Knockin’” on his excellent radio show.  This is my first sighting of a Dangerpuss song in the wild, and I couldn’t be prouder.  Don’t get … Continue reading

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Modular Robot Reassembles Self When Kicked Apart

And I for one salute our new robot overlords! I can’t exactly say why, but something about this reminds me of a night out with David Yow.

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Dangerpuss: "These Boots Are Made for Knockin'"

Another song from Dangerpuss: Duane gives a lesson on jazzy noodling. The form and tonality here are nothing new: sixteen bars in Dm Dorian mode, up a half-step to Ebm for eight bars, and then back to Dm for eight … Continue reading

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We Miss Cheney.

Hart Seely at Slate gives a preview of the man’s memoirs: “We want to see the minutes of your energy-policy meetings,” she barked, her snotty, liberal leftist nose high in the air. “We want to know the lobbyists you’ve met … Continue reading

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Crunks 2008: The Year in Media Errors and Corrections

Craig Silverman’s blog, Regret the Error, has a nice roundup of 2008 media corrections and errors: National Post (Canada): There is no documented evidence to suggest dance poles sold at Condom Shack cannot bear the weight of a user. An … Continue reading

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Dixon E. Coulbourn Photo Archive

Check out the archive of photos by Dixon E. Coulbourn from the early days of the Austin punk rock scene.  Dixon put out the fanzine Idle Time, and took thousands of pictures of the Butthole Surfers, Dicks, Big Boys, Offenders, … Continue reading

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Boris Artzybasheff

Rob Warmoski, wrangler of the excellent blog RW370, has started an Facebook appreciation society for illustrator Boris Artzybasheff which he calls, cunningly, the Boris Artzybasheff Appreciation Society.  Artzybasheff’s bizarre anthropomorphism is crazy, wonderful stuff.  Click the thumbnails for samples: American … Continue reading

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