the Jesus Lizard: 1991 Peel Session


A few weeks ago, Chunklet posted these MP3s of a 1991 Peel Session by the Jesus Lizard, and I’m passing them along.   The session was produced by Dale Griffin, the drummer from Mott the Hoople.  After we recorded the basic tracks, we tromped into the control room to have a listen and Mr. Griffin said “It’s certainly not music for pussies, is it?”  Until that point, I had not known that English folk use the word “pussies.”

I’m not sure who owns the right to these, but I’m pretty sure it’s not some dude on the internets named Chunklet.  They’re BBC Radio One recordings, which probably means they’re owned by the Queen of England, who is also, as it happens, the Queen of Australia, which means she’s smoking hot as well as an irredeemable drunkard.  She’s also the Queen of Canada, which means she’s an irredeemable drunkard as well as a smoking hot murderous robot.  Oh, Queen of Jamaica, too, so she’s completely stoned every waking minute of every single day.  So, Your Royal Drunken Stoner Cylon Smoking Hot Highness, thanks for the jams.

Click a song title to play a song or right-click and select “Save Link As…” to download.

Wheelchair Epidemic (2.2 MB MP3)

Bloody Mary (1.9 MB MP3)

Seasick (3.0 MB MP3)

Monkey Trick (6.0 MB MP3)

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6 Responses to the Jesus Lizard: 1991 Peel Session

  1. Evan says:

    Awesome. Thanks.

    So when are the tour dates being announced then? Huh? Huh? The wife is nagging me to book our holidays, but I need to know how much time off from work I need so i can go and see you lot as many times as is physically possible before I commit to anything else…hahahaha…she’s not happy, but thankfully understands.

  2. Juan Alderete says:

    mac sounds so damn good. you all do but turn up the bass or turn dueane down. oh the plight of the bass…

  3. Juan Alderete says:

    shit…my bad. Money Trick has got bass!

  4. Ewen wilson says:

    The best version of wheelchair epidemic i’ve ever heard! what a treat :)

    thank you.

  5. thepza says:

    A 7″ of the Peel Sessions (w/ a B&W blotter-like Speed Racer-theme sleve) was around in the 90s at a bunch of “indie” record shops (ahh…remember those?).

    I’ve got a copy of it–I think one of my cats from ~12 years ago chewed on a sleve corner, too!

    Thanks for the mp3s, though!

  6. h2o says:

    thanks for the props, Sims. One of these days I’ll be posting the OTHER Peel session. Stay tuned!

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