Mr. Yow Keeps in Fighting Trim [UPDATED]

(Thanks, Chooch, for the edit and music!)

Damn, he makes it look so easy.

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4 Responses to Mr. Yow Keeps in Fighting Trim [UPDATED]

  1. sumlin says:

    You really should make a loop of that…

  2. David Wm. Sims says:

    You’re right. It would be funnier. If I had the time and know-how, I’d do that. If anyone can make a quick loop of four or five iterations, give a shout. Thanks.

  3. chooch says:

    OK, I got a little carried away. The music is très cliché, but it makes me laugh…


    I can send you the video if you would like to upload it to your youtube account.

  4. Andy Lester says:

    Aw, no, not “Eye Of The Tiger”. We’ve been playing a lot of Rock Band 2 at Chez Lester and my 7-year-old daughter spent weeks getting comfortable with “Eye Of The Tiger” before she was brave enough to try many other songs.

    At least now we’ve moved on to “White Wedding.”

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