I Can Haz Sinusoidal Dephlineration?

I am so getting one of these for my studio:

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3 Responses to I Can Haz Sinusoidal Dephlineration?

  1. Hmm… I’m surprised they haven’t fixed this yet. At 01:36, he should have stated “negative left end” instead of “up end of the gram meters.” Can you imagine what would have happened if a main-type consumer expected them on the up end? LOL. It’s a blatant error that I’m sure most have already picked up on. Rockwell issued an errata re: the main winding in their distributional pamphlet shortly after the encapsulator entered primary penetration of the market.

  2. chooch says:

    Electrical engineering is serious business!

  3. Cal Evans says:

    Prefabulated amulite basing is for pussies…thank GOD for those folks at Rockwell!

    TJL, come to Athens, GA!

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