We must have loved to rock… [UPDATED]

[People who are better than me at this blogging thing have pointed out that this post would be cooler if I posted the pictures as clickable links to bigger scans, so I'm granting myself a do-over.]

… because it sure wasn’t the money. These are scans of my contemporaneous list of Scratch Acid shows.  The statistical analysis on the last page is particularly sad adorable. rec_scratchacid1rec_scratchacid2rec_scratchacid3rec_scratchacid4rec_scratchacid5rec_scratchacid6rec_scratchacid7rec_scratchacid8

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7 Responses to We must have loved to rock… [UPDATED]

  1. Hey David,
    This is very cool. (It would be even cooler if you made it so I could click on the jpgs to enlarge them.) Did we really play with y’all in early 1985? I trust your account. I remember the Peter Murphy/Jane’s Addiction show in LA in 1987. RAWK.

  2. David,
    you had me buggin’ out over the comment you left on my humble blag.

    When I found out you were an accountant, I half expected you to break out into song ad dance a la “I Wanna Be a Producer” in the Producers (which is sort of different from the Jesus Lizard). Then I found and ordered Henge by Ritual Device.

    This list only reinforces the notion that I was born 15 years too late. Though I guess I only love music from the 80s that hated the 80s. For all I know I could have just as easily been a Motley Crue fan.

  3. David Wm. Sims says:

    Iris: I remember that 1985 show. It was at a place called the Melodrama Theater, and I never heard of any other shows happening there. Some of the people in Meatjoy were drama nerds, so I think they arranged the venue and set up the the whole thing. Rey had just joined the True Believers and a couple of them came, which had Rey a little on edge.

  4. Nice. No one ever said entertaining the masses would be easy (or profitable). But for those lucky enough to see Scratch Acid, I’m sure they enjoyed it.

    It’s difficult for me to make out those figures, but how do they change when you add in the Austin, Chicago and Seattle shows from 2006?

    Oh, and thanks for the complete (?) Scratch Acid concert chronology!

  5. Donna says:

    Hey David-

    Holy shit, it was a flashback seeing the Beach listed on anything as far as venues goes. I practically lived in the place during those years. I remember the gig that the Big Boys and the Buttholes played after so well….
    Those were the days! My question is: we were all so frigging poor in those days, did we really care, cuz’ I know it was all about the music for me(not that I had any damn choice…) . I know I would like to go back (at least for one more weekend like Woodshock) for a vacation.
    Anyway glad you are doing well, and I hope to see you guys play soon.

    Donna Case
    formerly of Austin -

    now in backwoods Georgia…..

  6. Diane Hardin says:

    you did indeed love to rock, IIRC. and who’d have thunk you’d have a blog on these here interwebs? OMGWTFBBQ? and “hi.”

    -muffy, yer old roommate

  7. mary says:

    Did you become an accountant before or after you did these tours?

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