Rehearsals in Nashville [UPDATED]



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  1. Ewen wilson says:

    Hi David

    great to see that the Jesus lizard will be playing a few shows soon, i live in wales and will be at your ATP show. great blog too. just wondering if i could be a tad cheeky and ask what the purple pedal next to the rat was? im a bass player and my band is booked to record at electrical audio in July, long time off but due to (stupid) visa reasons (and us being broke and not wanting any hassle) we wont be able to take any equipment with us, so i am getting my friend in Chicago to pick me up a shopping list of pedals etc….hence my interest. seeing as im being cheeky….. how do you get such a clean yet dirty bass sound? i have tried many combination’s of amps and heads and fail to reach my desired sound.

    anyway… keep up the great blog, its a pleasure to read and i hope all goes well for you guys with the rehearsals and shows.

    all the best


  2. Mark says:

    I was wondering the same: what is that purple pedal? Will you be using the GK 800RB (JL) or the SVT (SA reunions) for the gigs? Where in New York City do you live? I’m in Manhattan but have yet to spot the elusive Sims!

  3. snoopymelvin says:

    How we have missed the Memphis. We await your punishment!

  4. juanito alderete says:

    come with the gear info. heads want to know.

  5. Juan Alderete says:

    what is that purple pedal?!?!

  6. David Wm. Sims says:


  7. Ewen wilson says:

    thank you for taking the time to provide the info. i appreciate it.

  8. Juan Alderete says:

    priceless info. thank you.

  9. Talking head says:

    heh.. the bass player from Mars Volta needs another pedal!

  10. Doug says:


    I wanted to commend you on a GREAT show in Vancouver this past Saturday and ask you what the fuck happened to your one Ampeg head? It seemed to blow out very early on in the gig…interesting how the NEW one crapped out and the classic 70s one was a-ok…

    Also, what kind of bas sis this? thought it was a Jazz until i saw the headstock and was trying (in vain) to read ot from the side of the stage but not able to.

    Wicked show…I remember when you played here with the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion opening at a smaller venue and this was up there with that effort. Fun times!

  11. for 15 long years, i have wanted to sneak a peek at this… thank you!!

  12. Jason Harris says:

    Fantastic! I’m a gear head so I get a little tickled when I finally get to pin point a rig I’ve admired from afar. If no one else has offered it, I think that Jazz bass is a Memphis. Am I correct?

  13. SJ says:

    That there looks like a red snapper to me (the purple pedal) might be wrong, but I’m pretty certain. Hope it helps!

  14. MJ says:

    What kind of pickups you using in the Jazz?

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