Rehearsals in Nashville [UPDATED]

[Some people have asked about the bass gear in the photo below, so I've added some details.]

Just got back from Nashville.  The Jesus Lizard rehearsed and settled on a working list of twenty-nine songs for the upcoming shows.  Mac’s still mystical, Yow funny, Duane bitter stalwart and true; it’s all good.

Thanks heaps to Paul Barker, Ashford Tucker, and the Admirals Club for lending gear, the Admirals Club again for letting us commandeer the rehearsal space, Elizabeth for hostessing, and Francesca for letting us watch Backyardigans.

The bass rig is Paul Barker’s. The head is a Traynor TS-200. I don’t know anything about the cabinets or speakers. They look homemade hand-crafted by artisanal loudspeaker cabinetiers.  The black pedal is a Rat, which I’ve used forever. The purple pedal is a Red Snapper overdrive. I don’t know much about it. Duane bought it because Joe Barresi recommended it, and I was trying it out.  I didn’t use it enough to form an opinion, but when Joe Barresi starts talking about pedals, you better listen up.

The bass is (sigh) the Memphis.

basspedals image link

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6 Responses to Rehearsals in Nashville [UPDATED]

  1. h2o says:

    This is great news. 29 songs?! Jesus christ, how many encores do you anticipate doing, David?!

  2. This is getting exciting! Nice to see the Memphis is still in one piece. Where’s the fan for your amp?

  3. ogburn says:

    when i saw the blurb in pitchfork, i sent my brother-in-law an email that said with any luck, the world economy collapsing, etc, i’ll lose my job and his sister would leave me and i would be living in a cardboard box somewhere near where the lizard plays..
    well – i got laid off before christmas. how cliche. scrambling to keep the house.. wife – thank goodness – has not left me. 2 kids now. lot different from when i was bartending in chicago and a friend – ramos – took me to czar bar to see you guys. corny, i know, but i have to call it life-changing. didn’t miss a chicago show after that. i also remember a great night out with brother-in-law and his cigar-chomping board-of-trade rich-guy friends. first time crobar had live music. i had worked the door with their door guy, so i got to look really cool and escort these guys to front of a really long line. they had never seen the lizard. heh. we had stumbled across a friend who had enitrely too many shrooms at the pre-show warm-up whiskey binge at the bluebird. so with that mindset.. i just remember the bass line of seasick blowing through our shirts – our eyes so wide – jaw hurting from smiling..and that singular look you got when playing bass – and my brother-in-law (more of a replacements fan) turned to me and said “beezlebub in the house.” ok – lastly – same brother-in-law – no wives at the show. metro. things going as usual – meaning i don’t think it’s possible for the lizard to have an “off” night. you guys only had one way of doin it..anyway – yow stops the show because he lost his wedding ring while crowd surfing. show stopped. lights came on. the churning pit turned into everyone milling around looking. then. in front of us..a hand raises..the light hits it. it’s the gets passed forward..and as yow is putting the ring back on you hear mac, stick on stick..1,2,3,4, and bam..right back into it and yow back out on the crowd. tears in our eyes at the cuteness of that and the primal joy of the perfect chaos of a lizard show.

  4. hehe – to add to the previous comment, saw 2 shows in Montreal, both where great but the best one was at the Cabaret, Yow wearing an electric blue woman’s bathing suit, a blond wig with a crown and a “Miss Quebec” band and stage-diving in high heels.


    hope you plan to come back in MTL! (wait till the snow melts)

  5. Bill says:

    Mr Sims-

    I have a requests to make. Do you guys think you could maybe play “Pop Song” (off of the “Dope, Guns, and Fucking in the Streets” compilation) for the upcoming tour and stick it at the end of one of your remastered CDs as a bonus track? It’s a great song and I have not heard it in a long time.

    I realize you probably get a lot of “requests” so thanks for reading. Take care.

  6. greg says:

    An overdrive pedal? As someone who soaked up as many shows as possible back in the day, I don’t recall your “tone” needing any “help.”

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