No. 726: Washington, DC


Acidpunks has a download of the Jesus Lizard’s 736th show, recorded at the 9:30 Club in DC.  The date in their post title is wrong; it was July 1, 1997.  The 23rd track is actually two songs, “Lord Godiva” and “Bloody Mary.”  No studio version of “Lord Godiva” was ever released.  We recorded it for “Blue,” but didn’t include it on the album.

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  1. Aaarggh!. Just say, “NO” to mp3′s. In any event, this is a great show. And, um, hmmm, speaking of a studio “Lord Godiva” (and “Swing Set”, “Murder in Wood Green” plus whateva else you got lying around…), bring them forth.

  2. chooch says:

    Yeah, Chris… because the amazing fidelity of this audience recording on a “metal master cassette” has been vastly compromised by being converted to an mp3 format with a high variable bit rate…??

    Thanks for sharing, David. I’ve been wanting to hear Lord Godiva since I heard about its existence. Yikes, that was almost 10 years ago!

  3. chooch, without being too argumentative, this is actually a very nice recording. The frequency response of this show is quite nice out to 17 kHz. The only reference on the WM-D6C I could find rated the decks response @ 40-15kHz, which clearly this has eclipsed. Paired with the SS DSM-6S and its frequency response of 5-25kHz produces a very nice recording overall. Any imperfections you hear are from the venues sound.

    By boo-hoo’ing mp3′s I meant to discourage their use in the trading/sharing of live music, which is evidenced by the original tapers desire NOT to have this recording compressed with a lossy codec as stated in the info file. That the blogger used a very generous 320 kbps which didn’t seem to affect it badly at all (based on what my ears hear) doesn’t negate the fact that as it was made available lossless-ly by the taper, it should continue to be so. Just because a large majority of the listening world chooses to have everything above 16 kHz removed from their audio because it’s easier to download than to go into a store or wait for a package, it’s not that way for everyone.

    Though it’s not that pretty to look at, the Jesus Lizard webpage is a wealth of information and fun! I’ve had both Lord Godiva and Swing Set up since mid 1999 or so; you could have listened to it way back, but in poor RealAudio (hey, decent server space was hard to come by back then). Up until the recent re-vamp last year, the source used for Lord Godiva was a video with slightly poorer quality audio. I’m still waiting for a better copy of 25 April 1997 to surface for a quality Swing Set.

  4. Some Guy says:

    Too bad Kimball’s on drums. Oh, well. Still a good show.

  5. Mark says:

    It seems you can no longer download the set. At least I can’t d/l it. Anyone want to send me a stuffed file?

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