Ron Asheton: 1948-2009

Ron Asheton, guitarist and founder member of the Stooges, was found dead in his Ann Arbor home yesterday, apparently a victim of a heart attack.


Links to stories in the Detroit Free Press, Rolling Stone, and the Boston Globe here.

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2 Responses to Ron Asheton: 1948-2009

  1. Jason says:

    Lucy and I ignored the cries of “Sacrilege!” and went to see the Stooges when they reunited a few years ago. I was like 2 or 3 years old when they broke up, so I have no apologies for going to see them performing as 3/4 of the original band. They played all songs off “The Stooges” and “Funhouse”. Nothing off “Raw Power”. They did some songs off that recrod they released recently, but I seem to have blocked that from my memory.

    I can’t describe how cool it was to hear the naked guitar riff from “TV Eye” filling an arena. Probably one of the 5 best things I’ve heard in my life. Just that riff, coming in following the silence that followed the bass-drum break. Man. If I’d had hair, I am sure it would have blown back by the sound. There’s a funny image for you.

    I am really glad we went.

  2. Todd B. Noddy says:

    Hey Where did you find that cool photo of Ron?

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