Stone Dead Forever


There’s a Lemmy biopic in the making.  The preview doesn’t send me, but I’ll have to go see it, just because the man is everything a rock legend should be.

Scratch Acid opened for Motorhead in 1986 in Dallas at the the Longhorn Ballroom.  We played first, then the Cro-mags, Wendy O. Williams, and Motorhead.  The room was nearly empty during our set and those that were there were not overwhelmed by the Scratch Acid thing.  I stood on the side of the stage during Motorhead’s set, and the ears are still ringing.

So, we played a show for a crowd that didn’t care, made a little money, and had a great view of a show that I would have driven to Dallas and paid to see from the pit anyway.  Everybody wins.  And by everybody, I, of course, mean me.

His autobiography, White Line Fever, is worth reading if you’re a fan.  The guy has seen a lot of strange and hilarious things, and he really knows how to tell a story.

(Hat tip: MaxOneMillion.  Photo: Max Sidman)

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2 Responses to Stone Dead Forever

  1. pat Blashill says:

    You know, not everybody wins. And by everybody, I mean me. Never saw Motorhead. Shame.They kill. And whenever I hear or read something that Lemmy has said, I’m struck again by the fact that he is pretty much rock and roll on a stick, everything the music means and has ever meant.

    You coming to Vienna anytime soon, sailor?


  2. Mat says:

    I was at that show and thought that Scratch Acid were great. That was actually a great night just for the mix of the punk and metal crowds. MAN there were a lot of fights keeping the bouncers busy. The best part of the night though… at the beginning of WOW’s set when all those girls crashed the barricade to get up to the stage, there was a redneck looking security guy on the stage trying to push them back and Wendy put her foot in his ass sending him head first into the pit. I could see Lemmy in the wings laughing his ass off.

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