If You Need Another Reason to Hate the TSA…

this is for you holiday travelers:

These two LAX employees would only talk if we concealed their identities.

They both say there are organized rings of thieves, who identify valuables in your checked luggage by looking at the TSA x-ray screens, then communicate with baggage handlers by text or cell phone, telling them exactly what to look for.

“This is a laptop here, VCR here and it’s located in this area of the bag. Here’s the color of the bag. They give them all the information they need to know.”

[M]ore than 30 employees at LAX were arrested for theft in just the first nine months of this year.

TSA says it is not just their employees stealing at checkpoints.

Italics are mine.  The Transportation Security Administration would like you to know that it’s not just them stealing laptops and my wife’s Nikon out of the nation’s luggage.  Now, don’t you feel all secure up in your homeland?

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