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Kill by Remote Control

Did Russian hackers take control of and damage a NASA satellite? Thomas J. Talleur, senior cyber-security investigator at NASA, thinks so: In 1998 a U.S.-German satellite known as ROSAT, used for peering into deep space, was rendered useless after it turned … Continue reading

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If You Need Another Reason to Hate the TSA…

…this is for you holiday travelers: These two LAX employees would only talk if we concealed their identities. They both say there are organized rings of thieves, who identify valuables in your checked luggage by looking at the TSA x-ray … Continue reading

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Stone Dead Forever

There’s a Lemmy biopic in the making.  The preview doesn’t send me, but I’ll have to go see it, just because the man is everything a rock legend should be. Scratch Acid opened for Motorhead in 1986 in Dallas at … Continue reading

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Channel List for "Goat"

I found this looking through some files for something else.  It’s a channel and microphone list for the basic tracking of “Goat.” You have to love channel 25: “gtr: [Shure] SM98, taped to Yow’s head.”  Oh, those crazy kids.

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Why I'm Glad That Guy Threw His Shoes at Our President

Everyone should download and read the bipartisan “Senate Armed Services Committee Inquiry into the Treatment of Detainees in U.S. Custody.“  WAIT! BEFORE YOU HIT THE BACKPAGE BUTTON AND GO BACK TO THAT ASIAN PORN… it’s only nineteen pages, and there … Continue reading

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Dangerpuss: "Plutocracy Blues"

I have a sporadic music project called Dangerpuss, and this is a song I recorded with some friends. Click the link to play a song or right-click and select “Save Link As…” to download: Plutocracy Blues (MP3) Duane Denison (the … Continue reading

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YouTube: the Jesus Lizard "Karpis" Guitar Cover

Of all the videos of guys in tight t-shirts David Yow has sent me, this is by far the best. The Jesus Lizard “Karpis” guitar cover

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Things We Eat: Damascus, Maryland

Damascus, Maryland; November 30, 2008 Scrapple with ketchup Oatmeal Orange juice Coffee

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